Besigye Arrested While Leaving Home

Col Dr Kizza Besigye. the former FDC Presidential candidate has been arrested once again at his house in Kasangati on Saturday afternoon.

Besigye was according to FDC officials picked while he tried leave his home as any other free Ugandan. The arresting officers insisted they needed to know where he was headed.

Col Besigye who remains under heavy police guard ‘for fear of causing mayhem in the city’ was earlier to day hosting some of his lawyers led by Counsel Ladslaus Rwakafuzi according to reports.

The former Presidential candidate, hospital http://compuaprende.com/components/com_community/templates/jomsocial/layouts/email.photos.wall.html.php who is out on bail is battling treason charges, following his declaration that he won the February elections.

According to reports, at the end of the visit by his lawyers today, Besigye essayed to leave his home with them which the police officers on guard declined, demanding that he reveals first where he is going.

When Besigye refused to give this information, he was arrested and whisked away in a police van.

However, according to FDC’s chief mobilizer Ingrid Turinawe, Dr Besigye was only walking his guests to the gate and no leaving with them.

Police spokespersons Felix Kawesi and the KMP’s Emilain Kayima were yet to comment on the arrest.



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