Besigye Advises Tumukunde to Join Opposition

Dr. Kizza Besigye of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has advised ousted Minister of Security Henry Tumukunde to consider finding his level outside government following.

Besigye while commenting this morning on the sacking of Tumukunde last Sunday said that he is still wondering why Tumukunde reengaged government after several years of fall out.

“Tumukunde was a brief visitor to government, I suspect having been away for more than 10 years outside the system, and it’s not easy to reengage. The system is far more vicious and it’s not easy to reengage,” Besigye said.

“I don’t know whether he thought much about his re-engagement, I personally think he didn’t think through it properly, whether he was scheming like Kayihura to perhaps advance his personal interests, that I can’t tell,” Besigye said.

On whether Tumukunde’s talks with him and his appreciation for the help he rendered to him might have landed him into, Besigye said this was a possibility.

“I have heard people say that his words may have been part of his problem, remember even last time when he was in prison, it was his mouth that caused him problems, he seems to be inclined to saying things that can cause him difficulties,” Besigye said.

The opposition boss added that Tumukunde’s efforts were misguided and was wrong to think that he can better the security system in the country.

“He was active in a manner that he might have misunderstood his mandate, he may have thought that he can go there and make something work in a different way but I don’t think that was intended to be his mandate,” Besigye said.


Besigye thus advised Tumukunde that now he has been pushed out of government, he should not consider taking on any other task but cross over to the opposition.

“I here they want to give him another job but my advice to him like I have told him over couple of opportunities I have had to meet him, I think he is really in a wrong place because I have known him and I don’t think he will thrive in that kind of a situation.”


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