Bell All-star Concert Attracts Thousands of Revelers

Last Friday Night was yet another moment for the Reggae lovers to remember as Jamaican Reggae sensational artists D Major and Christopher Martin filled Lugogo Cricket Oval with Thousands of people.

Thousands of revelers turned up for the Bell All-star Concert that held over the weekend at Lugogo Cricket Oval

The singers who came all the way from Kingston,Jamaica’s Capital to Kampala for for the Bell All- Star concert,put up electrifying performances to mark the end of the Bell All-star tour which saw some of Uganda’s finest artists traversing different regions in Uganda.

Thousands of revelers enjoying the performances

The show was one of the different kinds where gates were opened as early as 3Pm with revelers flocking the venue like it was the very first and last show to happen in the region.

Gates were opened by exactly 3Pm

Fortunately,there was no struggling this time for entry as there were different gates each allocated to a certain class of people such as VIP, VVIP and ordinary respectively.

Revelers started flocking the venue as early as 3Pm
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Thanks to etickets,one had to present it on their phone for verification and scanning at the entrance,making the process very smooth and organised.


The show started at about 7 Pm with performances from Uganda’s ‘Fresh and New’ artists,Beenie Gunter,Nina Roz,rapper Feffe Busssi,Kenneth Mugabi,John Blaq,Sheebah Karungi,chosen blood spice Diana and Daddy Andre among others.

Winnie Nwagi performing
Sheebah on stage


At about 10:51 Pm,there came D Major who gave partiers full doze of his energetic performance,delivering hits like Deadly zone,Respect, Dancehall Trip,Girl of my dreams and That’s what Love is about among others.


With ‘That’s what Love is about’ being the crowd’s favorite, loud cheers and screaming were heard as they sung every line along with the singer and not missing any single word.


“Sleepness nights stressfull days
joy and pain with a little heartache
it’s Major all this things come with love,
me and my baby we have our problems
but we always work them all to see it work out, work out, work out.
When Disagreements we know how to solve them ’cause that’s what loves about yeah..
That’s what loves about, about
even if we fight it’s hard to break up.
I wanna see your face when I wake up
’cause genuine love thats what we’re made of that’s what I found in you babe
even when time gets hard, me and you got the best we’ve been through the test of time baby we still together,” goes the song.
D Major was over heard saying, I love you Uganda,I love you ,I love you Kampala,I love you soo much.
Thank you for turning up in massive numbers,you are such lovely people.”
The singer who revealed that it was his second time to perform in the Country added that Uganda is a very beautiful country with lovely and caring people.
“Thank you Kampala for showing me such love,care and kindness. First of all,I wanna say thank you to Bell and Swangz Avenue for organizing this invredible show.
This is my second time performing in Uganda and its have particularly enjoyed this last one,the hospitality,love and care I have received from you people is too much.
D Major entertaining reggae lovers at Lugogo Cricket Oval
Thanks for your support, I remember the first time I was here.I was singing as Shaggy’s backup artist,but now I am soo happy that I am performing as D Major.
That means a lot to me,thank you soo much,thank you Bell Lager,” exclaimed the excited singer.
He then went on performing more of his songs untill about 11:10 Pm when he paved way for Christopher Martin who upon stepping on stage received thunderous welcome from the already excited crowd.
Chris Martin performing
He perfomed some of his hits including;let her go,Cheater’s prayer,is it love,Big deal,My Friend Dem,Steppin and can’t Dweet Again among others.
He went on and on with his performance while trying out some of the Luganda words and thanking his fans for coming out in large numbers as to him,it was the greatest love he had seen.
“Uganda,I love you all,I love you,thanks for coming,till we meet again,” he said as he stepped out of the stage.
The band immediately started to fade away and finally disbanded at 1:20 Am.

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