Beenie Gunter Records New Song at Nyege Nyege Festival

Singer Beenie Gunter real names Baguma Crescent has Saturday 8 recorded another new sound track.

The song titled ‘Never Like That,’ was recorded during the Nyege Nyege Festival that was held at the Nile Discovery Resort Beach in Njeru.

Never Like That produced by Asteyn,is expected to be yet another club banger which will top musical charts in the Country’s music industry.

While speaking to Chimpreports,Beenie Gunter said he never knew the song would be ‘Never Like That’ as everything was done at Nyege Nyege.

“I didn’t know the song wud be neva like dat because we just created everything at Nyege Nyege Festival.”

On why of all places he decided to record his song at Nyege Nyege Festival,the singer said he had only gone to attend the festival,but when Bell Jamz and Swangz Avenue tipped him on the deal,he welcomed it since  he is always ready to do music anytime from anywhere.

“My best hang out place is always studio,
So I keep doing music all the time anywhere and it doesn’t need me to get ready to do music. That’s my life style,” he said.

Beenie Gunter also shared the story behind the song,saying there many people who face numerous chalenges in their relationships,yet they fear talking them.


“The whole story is about where things reach sometime in relationships greatly tend to change.

Sometimes one party becomes responsible for the change,so the second party talks about the things they miss,
like what they used to do together.

Soo many relationships are silent about such thngs but they fear revealing them out,so we coming out on their behalf.”

“You were never like that before,
No more late night calls,  no more Goodmrng beautiful.
Don’t start it and stop it,burnoff that.
Smile it never pains that’s well evident
Go back to where I knew you,” goes the song.

The four-Day Bell Lager sponsored Music festival saw thousands of revelers not just within Africa,but all over the World, embrace the event.

There were lots of music perfomances from Sheebah, Navio,Beenie Gunter,Faisal Mostrixx,Sir Aludah and many other international acts, alot more fun filled activities among others.

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