Bebe Cool’s Goat ‘APASS’ Runs Backwards, Comes Last

When the Royal Ascot Goat Races announced their return to Kampala’s social calendar after a five year pause, singer Bebe Cool, who was booked to perform, revealed that his goat named ‘Apass’ would be among those racing on the D-day.

Besides the days other activities like networking and drinking, revelers were excited and waiting to see how the dread locked singer’s goat would perform.

Last Saturday afternoon at Speke Resort Munyonyo, many of Bebe Cool’s fans and other event patrons were treated to free drama as his goat run the opposite direction when the race begun.

While the rest of the goats run forward as expected, the ‘Batidemu’ hit maker’s goat, which he bought at Shs1M, somehow stole the show as it run backwards instead of following the padded barrier much to the amusement of the revelers.

Bebe Cool’s goat automatically came last in the race and the disappointment on his face was evident much as he tried to laugh it off.

Revelers cheering goats as they raced

The Gagamel boss immediately announced his disappointment on social media. “Imagine buying a goat for the goat race at one million, naming it APASS and all it does is run backwards Obusungu” Bebe Cool posted on Twitter.

At the race the procedure is, the goats handlers push a padded horizontal barrier on wheels around the track in order to keep the goats from grazing, fighting, running back wards keeping them focused on the race alone.

The owners of the first three goats were awarded different prizes as Bebe Cool went home empty handed yet he promised fans that his goat would be number one.


Spectators were given a chance to bet on the goats for a chance to win some cash of their own.

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