Bebe Cool Donates Shs60M to Children with Heart Complications

Star singer Bebe Cool yesterday morning launched his own charity foundation named Amber Heart Foundation at a media briefing held at Torino Restaurant & Bar in Kololo.

At the same event, the Gagamel boss donated Shs60M through his new charity to Action for Disadvantaged People (ACDIPE) to facilitate the transportation of five children with heart problems to India for surgery.

According to Bebe Cool, the children will travel on Sunday and the first operation will be on Tuesday at Narayana Health Hospital. Some of the children will travel with their mothers.

At the briefing, Bebe Cool handed over a dummy cheque and ten air tickets for Emirates Airlines to George Ntambi of ACDIPE and then thanked him for his hard work on this cause.

Bebe Cool then thanked Tropical Bank for joining the cause as well as all the sponsors of his Golden Heart concert early this month at Kololo Airstrip.

Bebe Cool with President Museveni at the Golden Heart concert

While addressing the media, the ‘Wasibuka Wa’ singer said Government alone cannot manage to solve the socially challenging issues most Ugandans are experiencing especially the younger ones thus the need to be supported by every concern citizens.

Children to benefit from the donation are those suffering from extremely complicated heart defects which cannot be handled locally here in Uganda at the Uganda Herat Institute-Mulago.

The beneficiaries from the donation include; Emmie Ogwang, Bbosa Rashid, Maseruka Jovan among others.


Commenting on the support they have received from Bebe Cool, a parent to one of the benefiting children, Ayug Lydia said that when her child was diagnosed at the Mulago Heart Institute and found to have a hole on his heart she lost hope but thanks to ACDIPE and Bebe Cool, she is now hopeful. “God is great, my boy will be operated on in India thanks to the good Samaritans who have come to rescue my son because as family we couldn’t manage to meet the cost of the operation plus transport dues from Uganda to India” she explained.

Bebe Cool also stated that when the kids return safely from India, he will request President Museveni to meet them and also the government to help their mothers.

The Shs 60M from Amber Heart Foundation is part of the money Bebe Cool raised from the charity concert which was attended by President Museveni.

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