Bebe Cool Disses Apass For Releasing Cheap Videos

The war between singers Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool and Alexander Bagonza alias Apass seems to be far from over as they keep throwing low-key shade at each other.

During a press conference where Bebe Cool was addressing media on his new project of providing free studio space for Young talent, he dissed Apass for producing cheap videos.

“I am setting up the Gagamel studio for every Ugandan regardless of who they are; especially those who cannot afford yet they have exceptional talent,” he stated.

When asked if growing artists like Apass will also be allowed to record for free, Bebe Cool replied, “Well for people like Apass I invite them to come though they will be required to pay a small fee.”

He added, “Apass usually releases videos of 2 and a half so I will not over charge him… I will just top up for him.”

Bebe Cool is set to set up an audio and video recording studio for Young artists who cannot afford studio fees. He bought the equipments during his recent 3 months stay in the USA.

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