Bebe Cool, Andrew Mwenda Mock Bobi Wine Over Exposing His ‘Ignorant’ Mind

Last evening, the Kyadondo East  Member of Parliament Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine was hosted on NTV for an interview chaired by Patrick Kamara.
During this particular interview, Bobi Wine made a number of blunders while answering a few serious questions, causing the video clip to go viral.
When kamara asked the ‘Kyarenga’ singer what kind of fiscal tools he would use to stop inflation, the singer replied that he would stop it through stopping impunity and OTT Tax.
Several people including Gagamel boss Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool, political analyst Andrew Mwenda, opposition cyber diehard Okwalinga Tom Voltaire among others, came out to ridicule the singer for his lack of knowledge about the country’s economy.
“Happy women’s day to you all but Mr. Kamara you wont go to heaven because the GDP is of the OTT certainly because impunity kyaligonza economy’s freedom young people,” mocked Bebe Cool after posting the video clip earlier today.
Andrew Mwenda wrote on twitter, ” This is the real tragedy of African elites. They continually complain that the problem of Africa is bad leaders. Yet when given a chance to select leaders, they chose ignorant and idiotic characters.”
Okwalinga the anti-Museveni diehard, immediately disowned Bobi Wine on seeing the interview.
“I told the country that I was happy that Bobi Wine had decided to speak on radios and televisions. Now we know how unfit he is for top office, ” Okwalinga posted.
He added, “I have lost confidence in Bobi as a potential leader.”
Since then, the ‘people power’ fanatics have made all efforts to cover up the unfortunate incident by throwing defensive posts.
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