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BBA: Idris Moves to Break Ellah’s Heart

The opposition and civil society driven National consultation on Free and Fair Elections forum finally came to a close on Wednesday afternoon at Hotel Africana.

The three-day event was climaxed with the signing of a set of electoral reforms agreed upon by citizens’ representatives from all 14 sub-regions of the country.

Some of key amendments highlighted sought to disband and establish an independent Electoral Commission, cure website like this restore presidential term limits, capsule detach the national army of partaking in the electoral process, halt the use of national resources by incumbents in the campaigns, and eliminate Army Representatives from parliament.

The forum was embraced by all key political parties except the ruling NRM. It’s nonetheless dragged on with high-spited parallel debates and heated plenary sessions.

Bringing together participants from all corners of the nation, of diverse political affiliation, religions and cultures, the event turned out a blend of drama, frustration, accusations and sleep.

A participant switches off' his mind during the convention
A participant switches off’ his mind during the convention

It kicked off Monday morning with no trace of President Yoweri Museveni who was reportedly invited to officiate at the opening.

Other officials including The Inspector General of Police, the Electoral Commission head and Minister of Internal Affairs turned down the invite as well.

Minister of Presidency Hon Frank Tumwebaze denied any government “official invitation” to the event.


Government’s absence stimulated a feeling of its noncommittal stance on the electoral reforms, driving some participants like Col Kiiza Besigye to propose “forcing the reforms on parliament and the executive.”

“This is the point where the role of the citizens begins,” he stated. “We must force these reforms onto government. It is hopeless to expect the parliament of Mr Museveni to accept passing these amendments.”

Some NRM participants expressed dismay that their party leaders could dodge a meeting of such importance.

At the heat of frustration a one Ainebyona Vix Kingo strolled majestically and occupied President Yoweri Museveni’s empty seat at the podium.

While the elderly Vix Kingo was awake, FDC boss Musgisha Muntu was asleep during heated discussions on Tuesday
While the elderly Vix Kingo was awake, FDC boss Musgisha Muntu was asleep during heated discussions on Tuesday

Day 2 proceedings were nearly disrupted by rumors that government has infiltrated and bribed the organizers to misguide the conference.

Tempers flared as some participants threatened to pack their bags and head back home, branding the event and a clear waste of time.

The chaos started when word started circulating that chairman of the Free and Fair Elections Campaign Amb. Dr Olara Otunnu had intercepted information that government had paid the organizers to misguide the proceedings.

Otunnu immediately took the podium and spoke furiously that he wouldn’t tolerate all the months of campaign to be put to waste by the organizers.

An opposition activist in slumber land during the electoral reforms meeting
An opposition activist in slumber land during the electoral reforms meeting

Otunnu expressed dismay that two days into the forum, no issue about reforms had been touched and claimed that organizers were plotting to bring up the reforms debate at the end when everyone is exhausted.

He went on for minutes, accusing them of double standards as the MC struggled in vain to wave him down for “time wasting.”

The event also saw some delegates including members of parliament fighting for facilitation cash at the reception, something that infuriated FDC’s Col Kiiza Besigye.

Besigye warned that a campaign of such nature ought to be driven by passion not greed, with or without facilitation and funding from donors.

Other participants amidst this whole storm were too exhausted and snoring through the whole conference.
If the unfolding events are anything to go by, remedy Ugandan star in the Big Brother House, this site Ellah, information pills should prepare for heartbreak by her lover Idris.

The pair has spent quality time together, making love and sharing romantic kisses between the sheets on several nights.

It was hoped that Idris would take Ellah’s fondness seriously but this could have been Idris’s game as he has now started seducing Goitse.

The housemates were Tuesday night as excited about their win as we had anticipated them to be. It was either because they were exhausted or had merely taken the win very calmly. One of the two, we hoped.

At the news of having won the wager, Idris stayed in his chair, seemingly disinterested at the goodies in the store room.

Figgie threatened that she would not open the store room unless he stood up and joined the rest of the housemates in their celebrations. JJ ran back to the lounge and lifted Idris in his arms, sparking giggles from the Tanzanian photographer.

It seemed as though Idris was still sulking over his earlier fight with JJ and could not get over being dismissed as “foolish”.

Idris soon went back into the house and into the bedroom. Ellah tried to cheer him up but he had decided that he would not join in on the fun and so she left him, feeling rejected.

In the lounge she sat with JJ and Butterphly, sharing her feelings about how things were not going the way she wanted them between herself and JJ.

Idris later went up to Goitse to have a chat with her and told her that he felt he had done something wrong.

He got serious and told Goitse that he wanted to tell her something and went on to tell her that when he had told her that he liked her, he had really meant it and that his feelings had become stronger.

He said that he was not expecting anything in return and assured her that it was not about the game nor was it about a strategy but was genuine.

Idris said his mother’s message to him earlier today motivated him to express himself to her.

Goitse kept quiet for a while and opened her mouth to tell Idris that he did not have to explain himself, especially about their past, and that she had moved on.

In short, the lady sounded like she was telling Idris that she did not want to know how he was feeling because she was aware and had moved past it.

Idris left Goitse and went back to Ellah and pulled her to join him in bed.

What do you think of Idris? Do you think he is confused about who he is interested in or is using poor Ellah?

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