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BBA: Another Rwandan Evicted as Ellah Survives

Frankie, cheap doctor 33, find became Rwanda’s second housemate to be evicted after Arthur was given his marching orders last week.

Nhlanhla, Permithias, Butterphly, Ellah, Trezagah and Nhlanhla were on Sunday night asked to stand amid heightened tensions in the room.

The housemates had earlier on Saturday had a heart-pounding dance party in the house. A time came to say the painful goodbye.

Rwanda was the next country to lose their final representative as Frankie was asked to exit the house to much shock and tears.

During his time in the house, Frankie was thought to have impressed many and performed beyond Big Brother fans’ expectations since it was Rwanda’s first time in the House.

Frankie said he is going to “concentrate on my music career and also carry on modelling.”

He was sad to say goodbye.

They showed his highlights in the house talking about Goitse and Ellah.


Frankie also discussed going through his divorce and said that he was holding back, but Ugandan star Ellah, who survived eviction on the same day, really caught his eye.

“I am a happy guy and a happy father,” he said.

The 12th Housemate, to leave the Big Brother house was Permithias from Namibia.

How Africa voted

According to this week’s votes, Frankie and Permithias received the least number of votes. Here are the results:

Butterphly: Malawi, Zimbabwe

Frankie: Rwanda

Ellah: Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda

Nhlanhla: Botswana, South Africa

Permithias: Namibia

Trezagah: Mozambique, Nigeria, Rest of Africa, Zambia

Two housemates, Frankie and Permithias, received one country vote each.

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