Batteries Stolen From Ibanda Road Maintenance Equipment

Authorities in Ibanda district are hunting for criminals who vandalized the road equipment given out to the district by government to help in local road works, dam excavation among activities.

The thieves are said to have stolen batteries from two brand new machines, a Komatsu wheel loader Registration Number UG 2083 W and Grader number UG 2016 W.

These were recently handed over to the district during the anti-corruption week, by the IGG Irene Mulyagonja.

Dozens of these were earlier commissioned by President Yoweri Museveni and distributed to various districts around the country.

Minister of state for works, Gen. Katumba Wamala while commission the lot for districts in western Uganda, revealed that the equipment imported from Japan included motor graders, wheel loaders, water browsers at a loan of Shs 600billion.

Each district received at least 6 of these machines.

In Ibanda however, two of these machines cannot go to work. Authorities say they are still unable to trace the thieves who vandalized them.

The district Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. Robert Abenaitwe told Chimpreports yesterday that he was notified by the district engineer about the missing batteries.


“After informing me we alerted police who came with police sniffer dog which led them up to a road junction and lost track” he said.

The added however, that they managed to get the suspects’ finger prints which they hope will lead them to the criminals.

The district headquarters where the machines are parked are guarded by Uganda Police officers.

“It’s very unfortunate to find that thieves stole the batteries while police officers stood guard. The officer who guarded that night could have been bribed by the thieves or he was out drinking,” added the CAO.

The Resident District Commissioner Eliasto Akatuheebwa asked the District Police Commander Michael Akaturinda to do his best to recover the stolen batteries.


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