BASTILLE DAY: Bebe Cool Dares U.S, French Diplomats to a Singing Challenge

Diplomats are often perceived as extremely serious and conservative people.

From their very formal dress code to their very calculated words and the weight of the duty that they carry – representing an entire country. Perhaps the perception is well placed.

But singer Bebe Cool on Friday night broke this monotony when he challenged the U.S and French Ambassadors; Deborah Malac and Stephanie Rivoal on a singing spree.

This was during the celebrations of the Bastille Day, a significant event in French history which sparked off the 1789 French revolution.

Several diplomats, officials in the Ugandan government, academics and other dignitaries thronged the residence of the French Ambassador in Nakasero for the merrymaking.

Bebe Cool, upon invitation to the podium by H.E Rivoal to entertain the guests, insisted that he performs his ‘Love you Everyday’ hit with the Ambassador. And a usually lively and flexible Rivoal made no objection.

The two took turns to mime while Bebe Cool passionately sang to her. The duo attracted occasional cheers from the guests.

Shortly after, the self-proclaimed ‘Big Size’ called the U.S Ambassador to take on her French counterpart in singing Bebe Cool’s ‘Freedom’.


“I didn’t know that you had a talent in singing,” the singer would later compliment Ambassador Malac. “When was the last time you sang on a mic?”

“That would be last Christmas,” she replied.

“I will be traveling to L.A in the U.S and you can be sure I am taking this clip with me to show them,” Bebe Cool intimated.

Earlier, the DJ had taken the crowd on an international dance party, sampling bits of songs from the different parts of the world as Rivoal, Malac along with E.U Ambassador Kristian Schmidt and Dutch Ambassador Henk Jan Bakker grooved relentlessly.

Like Bebe Cool had said, the event was testament to the fact that music is a uniting factor when different cultures meet.

Aside music, the Bastille Day celebrations also made a strong fashion statement. Majority of the males wore berrets which represent 1930s French culture.

The event was also attended by rapper Navio, fashion designer Gloria Wavamuno and comedian Patrick Salvador Idringi

The Bastille Day celebrations were well attended
Guests dancing at the party
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