Baryamureeba Responds to Museveni: We’re Ready to Produce a Computer

ICT expert, Professor Venansius Baryamureeba has revealed his team is ready to produce a computer if financially supported by Government.

President Museveni on Tuesday wondered why scientists like Baryamureeba were unable to produce devices to help Uganda address its challenges.

“One time I called Professor Baryamureeba (Venansius), yes that one who was at Makerere University. I said to him that since you are a serious computer wizard/Scientist, please make us one computer,” said Museveni, adding, “Up to now, he has never gotten back to me.”

Museveni, who spoke during the National Celebrations of the International Teachers’ Day at State House Entebbe on Tuesday, emphasized that “teachers all over the country and the Ministry of Education to tailor our system to the needs of our people, we should teach what will help Uganda and Africa move forward.”

In response, Baryamureeba, a Professor of Computer Science, said his team was ready to rise to the occasion.

“A computer is like a car. It has different components and different experts contribute to the different components,” said Baryamureeba in an interview with ChimpReports on Wednesday morning.

“The team was put in place. So, if you want to know, yes my team for which I am team leader can produce the computer,” he added.

“When the government provides the funds the computer will be designed and manufactured locally.”


Baryamureeba, who holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and M.Sc. in Computer Science, is a mathematician and academic but not an engineer with skills to manufacture a computer.

He previously served as Acting Vice Chancellor of Makerere University and co-founded the Uganda Technology and Management University, a private university in Uganda.

In a direct response to Museveni on Twitter, Baryamureeba said: “The project team that you approved, comprising the best brains in the country will commence the work of design and development of various components of the computer and assemble the computer once the government releases the funds.”

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