Banyakitara Cultural Revolution to Focus on Literature, Art

Following the success of the Bakiga Nation, a cultural gathering that hosts people from western Uganda especially Kigezi region, the Banyakitara have come up with a much similar but rather educative event named ‘Cultural Revolution’.

It is understood that the first of its kind will take place on 17th November at the Uganda Museum.

The event will have gates open as early as 7am to late night with activities like kwepena, tag of war, cultural dances from various tribes.

Unlike other cultural events, the Banyakitara Cultural Revolution will have a medical team that will screen non communicable diseases like obesity, Cancer, diabetes for free.

It will see a free health and fitness session from 7am to 10am led by top city gym coaches.

Banyakitara are Bantu speaking people who hail from Kigezi, Ankole, Tooro, Bunyoro and Rwenzori.

The event however doesn’t does discriminate tribes from other regions.

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