Banned Pantaguli Vows Defiance Against KCCA Admin

Last week, FUFA Competitions Disciplinary Panel handed lengthy bans to two KCCA Football Club fans Abdulhamid Pantaguli and Jalia Namuswe.

Patanguli was suspended from attending all football matches for two years while Namuswe was given a lighter one year ban.

It was pointed out in the referee match report, that the two persons attacked the match officials after the match between KCCA FC vs Express at StarTimes Stadium, Lugogo.

In an exclusive interview with Chimp reports, Pantaguli says that he is downhearted with the decision and pledges to not serve the ban.

“Talking out my opinion is not a crime. Did I assault anybody? So get it from me, I won’t serve that so called ban. I’m working out on my project which is keeping me busy but when I’m done you will definitely see me,” said Pantaguli.

Earlier this week, KCCA played out to a goalless draw with Proline at Lugogo in a league game which he didn’t attend.

Pantaguli claims that the only reason for his absence was because he was away on a burial in Luweero. He goes on to pin the club’s CEO, Anisha Muhoozi for being overzealous and not minding about public relations

“That fake club CEO deployed Police to arrest me (during the last match). I get all the information about what she is planning but she found me in football and she will definitely leave me in football. She is after money every time, nothing else. It’s me who invests in football not like her who is there just to be paid.” continued a defiant Pantaguli.


Asked on whether he will appeal the ruling, the longtime KCCA fan said that he had no intentions since the ban was not official.

“Appealing on what? Did they serve me anything like any document? How can you ban someone on social media and how can you ban a person without hearing from him?” he replied.

Pantaguli, who is a season ticket holder, nevertheless, vowed not to abide by the ban due to the supposed ‘unprofessional manner of the club and poor managerial skills’.

Pantaguli’s 2019-2020 season ticket

When pressed further, the Pantaguli conceded and admitted to confronting the Center referee Ssali Mashood but insists that he was singled out while the rest were left to run scot-free.

“We were about 50 people who confronted him (Ssali), there are others who even tried to fight him but how comes they only selected me,” he argued.

KCCA’s next fixture is a Stanbic Uganda Cup match against Big League side Dove FC in Masindi next Thursday, and Chimp reports awaits to see if Pantaguli shows up.

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