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Bandits Attack Western Youth MP Aspirant

We might all be talking about the so called Rich Gang of Ivan Semwanga and company but seeing what Kenyan senator, buy more about Mike Sonko is doing, try all so called Ugandan moneybags will step aside and let him teach them how to chop money.

The Nairobi Senator surprised many when he recently bought himself a gold quoted Land Cruiser V8, this web and a fleet of Mercedes Benz  cars that were given out to his voters to use for their weddings free. The senator also bought several ambulances to be used for free to transport the sick.

Born Gidion Mbuvi Kioko, he was given the name Mike Sonko by the youth of Nairobi for the aid he always extended via his Sonko Rescue Services.

He also of late, surprised many when he ordered his armed body guards to arrest one business man, Paul Kobia after he claimed that he killed Fidel Odiga, the deceased son of Ex Kenya Premier, Raila Odinga.

It is very difficult to recognize that this man is a senator if you met him for the first time because of his dress code and lifestyle that is almost like that of a Hip-Hop artiste whenever he is going to chop money. He was recently criticized for spending more than KShs 1,000,000 at a night out.

The poor can use these benz' for their weddings
The poor can use these benz’ for their weddings
The Ambulances and breakdown Sonko bought for his poor voters
The Ambulances and breakdown Sonko bought for his poor voters
A bunch on unknown criminals yesterday broke in and stole what Western Youth MP aspirant Ronald Agaba says were his important materials.

The youthful politician says someone who must have been tracking him all yesterday, sildenafil broke his car window, capsule and took off with his among others, search 2016 campaign strategies.

The attack was carried out on Monday evening after Agaba met with some key elders in the Western region.


“Monday at about 5:05pm I had an interaction with QIs -a cyber think tank under the stewardship of Edgar Tabaro AG of Toro Kingdom and Matthew Bagonza the chairman youth council Hoima district among others to which I belong and we were discussing social, political issues and preparing ground for 2016 and further,” he said.

Agaba's broken car window
Agaba’s broken car window

“We ended our meeting at Silver Springs and I drove to retire home, unknown to me some one was trailing me, and broke into my car taking my documents, strategies.”

The burglar, he said however, didnt touch the glove compartment “where there was other valuables like my watch, and money.”

The case has been reported to police, and he suspects some of his political opponents to be behind the attack.

“I highly believe that this unfortunate and cowardly act was done by my political opponents who perceive me as a threat in the upcoming Western youth MP polls,” he said.

“Ugandans the time for clean politics has come and it is now, we owe our young generation mature, ethical dealings in whatever we do.”

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