Banana Bacterial Wilt Gets 4 Arrested in Bushenyi

President Museveni has called on the people of Burundi to “forget their past sectarian political differences and build their country on unity, healing sale ” Chimp Corps Report.

Museveni said the people of Burundi should emulate their first post-independence leader Prince Rwagasore who led Burundi to independence in 1961 under the UPRONA party which was a nationalist and patriotic pro- people party.

The President expressed regret that Rwagasore “was murdered by colonial agents led by a priest, purchase visit there after ushering half a century of instability and suffering to the Barundi to this day.”

He made the remarks on Tuesday during the opening of a two-day Burundi High Level Political Dialogue between Government, salve opposition political party leaders both in Parliament and outside Parliament, eminent persons who included two past Presidents of Burundi, religious leaders, civil society organizations, chamber of commerce and industry and a cross section of other stakeholders, who converged at Hotel Belair residence.

This was a follow up of the mandate given to him by the 3rd Extra-Ordinary Summit of the East African Community sitting in Dar Es Salaam on the 6th of July 2015.

In the short span of his political life, Rwagasore, managed to gather a crowd of militants in support of his vision: to cast off the colonial yoke.

And, in 1961, at the first free elections, his party was victorious thus becoming Prime Minister.

And then, after the formation of his government, he was assassinated on October 13, 1961.


On July 1, 1962 Burundi got its Independence in the absence of the one who gave his life and soul to reach that grand day.


On his part, President Museveni condemned sectarianism which he said was “bankrupt and dangerous to the people and killed interdependence among communities.”

He advised the Barundi people that for them to be prosperous they must settle down, talk less about power and term limits but become producers for the market.

He asked them to support the integration of East Africa which offers them bigger opportunities and markets for their products, and through which they will become prosperous.

He further asked them to create conducive environment for private sector growth and attract investments.

Burundi leaders listening to Museveni's speech
Burundi leaders listening to Museveni’s speech

Mr. Museveni told them that he was happy to hear from the Vice President that Government had disarmed the youth groups “who had been disturbing people with illegally acquired guns.”

Museveni cautioned that guns must be a monopoly of the state which is accountable to the people and must only be used purposefully like a surgeon’s knife.

Vice President Prosper Mbazombaza welcomed the dialogue and hoped it will generate consensus on major outstanding issues leading to desired peace and stability in the country.

He thanked President Museveni for his commitment to stability in the region and in Burundi in particular.

The Secretary General of the East African Community Ambassador Richard Sezibera thanked President Museveni for acting as requested by the EAC Summit. H

e told the Barundi leaders that it will be unfortunate if democracy in their country should continue to be associated with mourning shattered hopes and suffering of the people.

President Museveni is accompanied to the Burundi Dialogue by the Minister of State for Regional Cooperation Hon. Philemon Mateke and Uganda’s Ambassador of Burundi Maj. Gen. Matayo Kyaligonza.
Zadock Amanyisa

Four farmers have been arrested in Bushenyi district over failure to comply with the district Banana Bacterial Wilt disease control By-law.

They were arrested on Tuesday in a one week operation launched by the Resident District Commissioner, sale Mr. Isaac Kawooya, tadalafil District Agricultural Officer Mr. Amon Natwebembera and the district Vice chairperson, this Mr. Francis Tinkamanyire.

The arrested farmers include Ndyamuhaki James, Batungire Didas, Barugahare Teopista, and Brenda Busingye, all residents of Kazigangoma cell, Swazi Parish Kyamuhunga Igara west Bushenyi district.

Kawooya told Journalists that the operation is meant to crack down on all farmers found not to have heeded to the district Banana bacterial disease control by-law passed by the council in 2014.

“These are economic saboteurs failing government’s Operational Wealth Creation program and we cannot be lenient to them. We have been singing this song for a long time but people have deliberately refused to abide by the law; we are now sorting them out,” said Mr. Kawooya

He noted that the operation will end on 24th August 2015 and will go through all sub counties and divisions of the district and municipality.

The Bushenyi district vice chairperson, Mr. Kamanyire Francis said the fight against banana bacterial wilt had to a larger extent been curtailed by local politicians who kept the communities busy in politicking rather than telling them the right things to do.

The Bushenyi district Agricultural Officer, Mr. Amon Natwebembera told us the by-law was made under Section 39 of the Local Governments Act, Cap 243 and the plant protection and health Act 1962.

The objective of the bye law was to provide for the prevention and control of Banana Bacterial wilt

It spells out penalties for farmers who fail to disinfect or treat the farming implements within the period stipulated by the officer. Culprits are usually fined Shs 40000 or imprisoned for up to six months or both.

“We have several times warned these farmers on radio and in our public sensitization meetings in their areas to fight the disease. We have also tried using our advance team to warn them against sabotaging government programs but they have totally refused to comply. That’s why they have been arrested and they will set examples for others,” said Mr. Natwebembera

The four were charged with sabotage of government programs and they will be taken to courts of law to answer the charges according to the RDC, Mr. Isaac Kawooya.




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