Balaam Finally Reconciles with Musicians DJ Michael, Big Eye

Events organizer Balaam Barugahare on Sunday, May 30, physically met with two musicians with whom he hasn’t been seeing eye to eye due to misunderstandings resulting from the President’s donation to the duo.

At the lunch meeting, the musicians Mugwanya Michael aka DJ Michael, and Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye officially declared that they have reconciled with Balaam and vowed to never attack him again.

“Today we are enjoying lunch with Balaam. Big Eye and I have been crying to meet the President in vain but Balaam has promised to lead us there,” said DJ Michael.

He added that not even words can separate them again because they have now formed a stronger team than ever before.

Big Eye, who was in a jolly mood, said that he has nothing to say but their current moment summarizes it all.

Full figure, who among other people was present at the meeting, said that they (NRM team) are concentrating on strengthening their part in the Party and as such, they don’t have time to create beef with anyone.

In an act that portrayed togetherness, Balaam shared some food from his plate with each of the two artists.

In the past few weeks, DJ Michael, while appearing on various media platforms, accused Balaam of blocking their plans to meet President Museveni on top of grabbing their cows.


However, Balaam denied these allegations and released video evidence to prove that the two received their cattle.


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