Bakiga Nation’s Rukundo Egumeho set for 6th Edition

Following the past 5 editions that were held successfully, Bakiga Nation’s ‘Rukundo Egumeho’ is again set for the 6th edition on December 9, this time at UMA showgrounds gardens Lugogo.

Bakiga Nation is a cultural organization geared at celebrating the Kiga culture in a holistic- all-inclusive approach to showcase, appreciate and celebrate the Kiga culture in all its glory.

Through a cultural social festival dubbed Rukundo Egumeho, Bakiga Nation has been able to achieve unity, solidarity, love, and hopefully an inspiration to other cultures in Uganda in embracing the same.

Rukundo Egumeho is a Rukiga phrase that means Love Prevail; a celebration and appreciation of the uniqueness and beauty of the Kiga culture in a family event that brings together people of all ages.

Despite being organized for the Bakiga, the festival has continued to attract people from all regions and ages that has made it the biggest cultural festival as it’s slowly taking over Kampala by storm as the most attended cultural social event.

Bakiga Nation is sponsored by Nile special.

The true reward from the source , Nile Special has spearheaded promoting notable events that seek to identify talent and skills in mostly the youth. Sponsoring events like; the National Pool table championships, Rugby and many more. It is also the official beer partner of the Uganda Cranes. All that and more could be the reason Nile special is the most enjoyed and loved beer brand allover East Africa.

The event however doesn’t discriminate but welcomes other tribes from other regions as well to celebrate together with them.

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