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BAGUMA CASE: Katusabe Family Blasts ‘Traitors’ as Split Emerges

The family of the late Betty Katusabe is split over the prosecution of senior police officer, approved Aaron Baguma, sale Chimp Corps report.

Baguma is charged together with 8 other people in the murder of city businesswoman Katushabe, who was battered to death at car bond which she owed Shs 9m.

Baguma’s brother Alex Masereka caused a stir when he in this past August told a press conference in Kampala that it were the family’s wish to have charges against Baguma dropped.

Masereka emphasised that many forces were at play with intent of covering the key role played by tycoon Muhammed Ssebuwufu in the murder.

“This is a criminal matter handled by the state but our case was that if the DPP could find it within his powers to drop the charges against Baguma because of the circumstances surrounding the matter. If he doesn’t then we have no problem with it,” said Masereka on August 31.

Due to mounting public pressure, Baguma was eventually arrested and officially charged before being released on bail.


ChimpReports now understands that other family members have written to the DPP, urging him not to be diverted from doing his work by Masereka.


“A one Masereka Alex did write to your office in August 2016 trying to plead for the exoneration of ASP Aaron Baguma from the case,” the Katusabe family head, Ivan Kasambu wrote to the DPP on September 30.

“While it’s true that Masereka is a brother to the late Katusabe and cultural heir to the late EpafuraKule estate, he is not overall head of family,” added Kasambu.

“He was therefore not mandated to take such a strong decision without consultation.”

In a letter dated August 17, Masereka told the DPP that Baguma had helped them in getting witnesses and arrest of key suspects in the case.

Katusabe was clobbered at Pine Car bond in Kampala after falling short of paying the balance for the car she had procured from Ssebuwufu.

Baguma appeared at Pine Car Bond where he instead of rescuing Katusabe reportedly walked away after receiving a bribe from tycoon Ssebuwufu.

Katusabe was heavily beaten by Ssebuwufu and colleagues before passing away on arrival at Mulago Hospital.

Baguma has since vehemently rubbished the allegation as false and aimed at destroying his blossoming police career.

New letter

In his confidential letter to the DPP, Minister of Security and Minister of Internal Affairs, Kambasu said the bereaved family “stands by the DPP in dismissing Maseraka’s letter and contends that the relevant organs of government should be left to undertake their duties.”

Kambasu reiterated that the troubled family “will continue to seek justice to its logical conclusion.”

Contacted, Kambasu confirmed writing to the DPP to secure justice for Katusabe.

Another family member who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely told ChimpReports Investigations Desk that, “One lawyer called David Bwambale Kongolo led Masereka to the DPP pleading for Aron Baguma.”

The source added: “They betrayed us. They betrayed the public. They disappointed everyone that is for Justice.”

In another letter dated October 6, family members told the DPP that Masereka “Is not authorised to plead for any accused person in the murder case of their sister.”

“We together with the rest of the deceased members give you a go ahead with your duty stipulated by law.”

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