Bad Leadership is to Blame for Uganda’s Socio-Economic Woes, says Nancy Kalembe

Presidential aspirant, Nancy Kalembe who until yesterday was a business lady, has blamed Uganda’s political and socio-economic woes on bad leadership, something she said needs to be urgently fixed.

She disclosed this during a guest appearance on Impact Radio on Thursday September 25, 2020.

Speaking yesterday, Kalembe said she was forced to make this hard choice after observing the leadership vacuum that the country is presently facing.

“We have no leadership. In this Uganda we have very few leaders; most of those in politics don’t deserve to be there. That’s why our country is lagging behind. So I observed that there is a gap that needs to be filled, leadership is needed in this country,” she disclosed.

Kalembe explained that while politicians can make good leaders, it cannot solely determine who is a good leader or not. She pointed out that this can only happen when one is in constant touch with people he/she leads and understands the challenges they collectively face.

“In Uganda, we have a considerable number of leaders who joined leadership immediately after completing school. Now the problem with that is that they don’t fully understand and lack awareness on challenges people go through,” she argued.

Until Ugandans elect leaders who are knowledgeable and resolute, Kalembe intimated that little will change.

Once elected into Office, Kalembe promised to place emphasis on four pertinent areas which optimistically can turn around Uganda’s dwindling fortunes for the better.


Top of the bucket list, she promised to create jobs through value addition. Kalembe elaborated that this will be achieved through establishment of social enterprises across the 134 district that make up Uganda.

“In case, your grandfather has land and rents it out to people. They will give him money, those who will establish a factory, those who will do business, the lawyers, accountants, factory workers all that you will have created jobs at village level,” she hinted.

Furthermore, Kalembe vowed to spark business and technological innovativeness through setting up incubation centers that she says are not only few but also inaccessible to the illiterate.

“Already, we have an incubation centre for Industrial Research here in Nakawa and another one is at Makerere. But when you look at that of Makerere, in case you are not pursuing food science, you cannot access it,” she indicated.

“But do people who manufacture peanut need to have studied up to University?” Kalembe posed.

She also promised to set up a talent development center that will promote sports and creative arts. Concluding, Kalembe retorted that fighting corruption and embezzlement shall also be part of her bucket list.

All said and done, it remains to be seen whether her ideas shall get due attention in country where politics is largely abrasive.

First things first, veteran politician Dr. Kizza Besigye who after four times is not contesting in the 2021 race, says it would be imperative if the 10 or so Presidential aspirants united.

Much as this remains a herculean task, Besigye says the task at hand is to force a democratic transition and not a contest between who is smarter than the other.

“At a strategic level, we must end competition among the captives and harness efforts towards liberation. It’s very achievable, although we may not achieve it through discussions among the candidates,” he implored on social media.

So far, the race for Uganda’s Presidency has attracted incumbent President Yoweri Museveni, National Unity Platform’s (NUP) Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu and Gen. Mugisha Muntu to mention but a few.


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