Bad DP’s Mpuuga Blasts ‘Desperate Failed Lawyer Mao’

Masaka Municipality Member of Parliament who is also part of MP Betty Nambooze’s so called ‘Bad DP, illness ’ today termed Democratic Party President General Norbert Mao as a ‘weak creature that cannot think outside the party headquarters.’

Over the weekend, order police dispersed a meeting called by Nambooze’s faction in Masaka arresting some of the MPs who had come to attend the meeting.

On Tuesday, pharm Mao accused Nambooze of spreading tribal propaganda, warning that this can only end in Buganda and not any other region.

However on Tuesday, Mathias Mpuuga, who is part of Nambooze’s faction said the party leadership is in a crisis and in dire need of reforms.

“He (Mao) is someone who does not think beyond City House (DP headquarters) where he sits. We should not only stop at press conferences like he does but work to ensure the party regains public trust,” Mpuuga told a news conference on Friday.

“We cannot allow a desperate failed lawyer sink our party as he sleeps on the job given to him .We have a job to save our party.”

The DP members accuse the party leadership of being lazy without anything to show since they took power explaining that the only achievement Mao has to show is expelling members.

“He should admit he is desperate instead of being quarrelsome .He is living in denial   that all is well but it seems he is only an astronomer living on Mars.”


On Mao’s stance that Nambooze’s group must be nipped in the bud while still in Buganda, Mpuuga scoffed at him saying he cannot mobilize 400 people to vote for a DP candidate in the North.

“If he has failed to mobilize for the party in his home area, it is being foolish of him to say he can sabotage us,” Mpuuga said.

The Bad DP member also blasted Mao for working with Fred EALA’s Mukasa Mbidde whose only role he claimed is mobilizing police to disperse their meetings.

“He (Mao) is surrounded by Mafias who are not always in the country and cannot win any vote here.”

The Bad DP members say they will only accept to engage in talks with Mao if they (talks) are meant to ensure change in the way the party is run but not barking down.

The DP vice president for Buganda region, Betty Bakireke Nambooze and her faction are trying to introduce reforms in the party they say will revive its glory.

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