Bad Blood Starts Between Beti Kamya, Erias Lukwago

The meeting of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) leaders on Thursday with the Parliamentary Presidential Affairs Committee failed to yield results after the Authority’s heads opted to throwing insults at each other.

The KCCA leaders were summoned by Parliament last month to give an explanation on issues surrounding the ownership and operation Usafi Market.

Trouble started when the committee chaired by Hon Fred Mwesigye tasked the KCCA leaders to explain the issues pertaining the disagreements in Usafi Market and other issues raised by the legislators.

Kampala Minister Beti Kamya began by informing the committee  that even though Lukwago is the political head in Kampala city, visit this http://craigpatchett.com/wp-content/plugins/related-posts/wp_related_posts.php his input in the KCCA Policy Statement that she was to present was not captured since he dodged all the meetings that she had set.

The Minister then proceeded to present a report on the latest developments in Usafi market, diagnosis http://citadelgroup.com.au/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/loop/orderby.php although Aruu County South MP, purchase Odonga Otto protested discussing the matter, saying it would be interfering with powers of the judiciary.

Otto noted; “I think it is prudent to seek for the opinion of the Speaker because Usafi Market is a serious matter and I don’t know if it’s prudent to proceed against our rules of procedure. The deliberations we have here may greatly affect what is in court.”

Fred Mwesigye, the Chairperson of the Presidential Affairs Committee asked Kamya to set aside the Usafi matter and ordered her to address other issues.

It was at that point that Lukwago told the committee that he was not ready to indulge in any other matters since the letter he received on August 4th 2016 was specific that the matter to be discussed was only Usafi Market and not other KCCA matters.


Kamya fired back accusing Lukwago of trying to run away from discussing other matters in the policy statement saying: “The case was filed after we had been furnished with an invitation letter. It was overtaken by events.”

Lukwago insisted and implored MPs to treat the matter of Usafi with urgency saying there were pertinent issues regarding the market like the Shs.20.5Billion balance the land owner is demanding.

Mwesigye warned Lukwago against lamenting on issues of accountability, saying there were other Accountability Committees in Parliament that he would pour out all his grievances.

Lukwago was not done; he accused the MPs of being unfair to him saying he came prepared to only speak on matters concerning Usafi market not any other matter in KCCA.

Makindye East MP, Allan Ssewanyana quickly jumped to the defense of Lukwago arguing: “It would be unfair to the political head if you had been invited for a specific issue and then get into other discussions. I think it is fair to allow him present his matter.”

This irritated committee chairman Mwesigye who ordered Lukwago to leave parliament if he wasn’t prepared to discuss matters relating to the Authority’s policy statement.

Lukwago hastily collected his pile of books and files to leave the house but some legislators pleaded with him to stay.

MP Kasibante rebuked Mwesigye for ambushing and later sending away Lukwago without first listening to his side of the story.

Meanwhile Minister Kamya chipped in protesting Lukwago’s arguments that he wasn’t prepared; “The first letter was sent on July 27th 2016 demanding us to appear August 4th 2016 and it was signed by Susan Amero, the Vice Chairperson of this Committee. That letter was copied to Lord Mayor. The letter demanded KCCA to present its policy statement of Financial Year 2016/17 and concrete plans put in place to drive Uganda to middle income status,” Kamya revealed.

The Kampala Minister told off Lukwago not to have the meeting postponed under pretext that he isn’t prepared and said the Lord Mayor shouldn’t base his excuse on the letter that came last.

She even informed Parliament that Lukwago had appeared on local radio stations swearing never to go to Kamya’s office for a meeting.

Lukwago labeled the KCCA Policy Statement being presented by Kamya on Thursday as an illegal document because he hadn’t endorsed it.

He said: “Right now if we are to go to these matters casually, I am answerable to councilors. This is where I find it irregular to present something not coming from the Authority. The KCCA Act dictates that the Policy statement has to be brought before councilors and we debate and agree and that can’t be done unless and until there is a statement. Where has she got it from?”

The Lord Mayor promised to present strategies, once they have been adopted by all councilors. He wondered where Kamya derived from the mandate to present the Policy statement that hadn’t been endorsed by the Authority.

Kamya couldn’t take more from Lukwago and told him that the she has general powers to present Policy statement. But Lukwago told her off that her duty is to guide KCCA not to take over business in Kampala.

With tempers flying high in the house, Mwesigye adjourned the meeting to a later date advising the authority to put their house to order as soon as possible.

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