B2C Soldiers Given 48 Hours to Drop ‘Born 2 Conquer’ Stage Name

The legal battle between B2C and their former manager Andy Events is turning hot and heavy.

The Ugandan boy band that comprises of Bobby Lash, Mr. Lee and Delivard Julio has been given 48 hours to drop the B2C (Born 2 Conquer) name and ordered to stop performing all their old songs.

Andy Events insists that he has the rights over the name and the music the trio made while under his stewardship. According to Andy, he will be giving the B2C name to the new artists he has signed.

B2C announced last month that they were parting ways with their manager Andy Events whom they have worked with for the past 2 years due to conflicting schedules on his side.

At that time, the boy’s group said the split was amicable and they would continue to turn to Andy who they describe as a ‘parent’ for guidance.

However, things took an ugly turn when Andy told them to drop the B2C name, claiming he owned and registered it, but the boys refused to relent and threatened to involve their lawyers.

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