Avoid Unprincipled Politicians – Minister Warns Youths

David Bahati the State Minister of planning has advised youth in Kigezi region against associating with politicians who have no principles, who he said has no other ambition but to fight the NRM government.

“Be warned of such politicians coming to you. They have nothing to promise to you that the NRM hasn’t done,” Bahati warned.

“When you look at the security you are enjoying today; everyone is able to worship God; you cannot take all this for granted.”

He added, “You shouldn’t vote people just because they can dance, but because of their principles.”

The minister was on Saturday addressing over 4000 youth from the Diocese of Kigezi during a 5-day convention at Rugarama hill.

Bahati applauded the good work being done by the Diocese of Kigezi to empowering the youth socioeconomically.

He further asked the youths not to despise themselves but to use their youth by opening start up businesses as well being innovative.

Innovation, he said, is not just for educated but everybody.


“Don’t lose hope; God can take you from nothing and make you sit with king,” he said. I too during my school days had lost hope. I wore torn khaki shorts, but I did everything and got an education and as you can see today, I am sitting in cabinet.”


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