Aviation Authority Denies Torturing Besigye,  Police Boss Mwesigwa Summoned

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has denied accusations of its involvement the manhandling of FDC’s Col Dr Kizza Besigye, who in 2016 was grabbed from a Kenya Airways on arrival at Entebbe international Airport

Christopher Omondi, the CAA Operations Manager said Friday while appearing before High Court judge Musa Ssekana, that the Authority  regretted the brutal arrest of Besigye at the airport but that that none of its officers was involved.

Omondi told court that CAA had no knowledge of what happened to Mr Besigye while he was in custody of Police upon leaving the airport.

“All we knew was that Dr. Besigye was in the safe hands of the police, since police is part of Airport and they are free to move to any part of the airport,” he said.

The High Court judge after from hearing from CAA, issued summons against police commissioner Frank Mwesigwa, who is required to appear on November 15th 2018 for cross examination on his statement that he recorded in support of government in relation to Dr Besigye’s alleged brutal arrest.

Through his lawyers of Rwakafuuzi & Co. Advocates, Dr. Besigye sued CAA for arresting and pulling him out of the Kenya Airways plane which he says contravened his right to free movement as a Ugandan citizen.

Besigye testified that on August 22, 2016 he left Uganda and addressed conferences in London, Geneva and Boston and returned on October 3rd on the Kenya Airways aircraft which landed at Entebbe.

On his arrival, he says he was pulled out the aircraft by security officers who he claims connived with CAA; and that he was driven against his will through remote routes from Entebbe airport to his home in Kasangati.

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