AUPL: KCCA, Vipers Take League Challenge to Jinja

In the wake of what has been described as Burundi’s deadliest violence since a failed coup on President Pierre Nkurunziza in May this year, viagra approved calls have been emerging from different sides for immediate intervention from outside the country to stop the bloodshed.

About 90 people were killed by government security operatives at the close of last week, information pills following an attack on three military installations.

Bodies were found scattered around streets of the capital Bujumbura and residents believe police occasioned the killings in revenge.

Residents said dozens of men were rounded up as their homes were raided, and many of their bodies were found on the streets on Saturday morning.

Street riots by anti-government groups have not subsided since President Nkurunziza grabbed himself the third term in office in a disputed election, against the country’s constitution.

And while the region and the continent continues to ponder an effective solution to the country, celebrated Ugandan journalist Andrew Mwenda has suggested that Burundians should be left to murder themselves until they cannot anymore.

Mwenda, a famous political economic analyst yesterday cautioned against the idea for any form of intervention in the affairs of Burundi by her neighbors or anyone else around the world, noting that this would only make matters worse.

“The best way to help Burundi is to let Burundians fight until one side secures a decisive military victory,” counseled Mwenda in an interaction with his tens of thousands of followers on social media.


“Or until both sides exhaust themselves and find mutual accommodation, more profitable than further combat.”

According to media reports, dead bodies on the streets of Bujumbura have almost become a daily scene.

One witness told the international media on Saturday, that the victims in the previous night’s killings were kids and had been shot execution-style “through the top of the skull”.

This according to Mwenda is the cost that the country must incur in trying to restore lasting sanity. He noted; “Whatever the cost, the solution can only come from the people of Burundi.”

He argued that the intervention of anyone of Burundi’s neighbors would only be to achieve that neighbor’s selfish interests in the country.

“If Rwanda has a national interest in Burundi, it would not be intervening to save Burundi but to serve her own ends,” said Mwenda.

Rwanda, Tanzania DRC and Uganda since April have struggled to deal with a growing influx of Burundian refugees fleeing the hostilities.

The number of refugees has since April grown from 14,000 to 237,656 as per December 13, 2015. Tanzania hosts nearly half of these (116,000) while Uganda has so far welcomed 17,300.

Neighboring south Sudan recently sent out its gratitude to Uganda for the UPDF’s timely intervention when an internal strife broke out in December 2013.

The Ugandan army left South Sudan territory at the end of October, after a 20 month operation which was described by Commander Land Forces, Maj. Gen David Muhoozi as largely successful.

The South Sudanese government stated last month that the UPDF’s intervention effectively averted a possible genocide.

“In Africa, what happens in one man’s house must be a concern for all the neighboring homes,” stated the country’s ambassador to Uganda Samuel Lominsuk.
Uganda Premier League table leaders KCCA FC and the reigning Champions Vipers SC travel to Jinja on match day 12 on Tuesday 15th.

KCCA FC who are the only unbeaten side, physician  take their campaign to Kakindu stadium to face a wounded Bul FC team that lost the derby on Friday to newcomers JMC Hippos.  KCCA enjoy a good run against the cooking oil manufacturers having won three of the last four fixtures.

Sadolin Paints FC will depend on team skipper Peter Katumba whose return from injury last week saw them  earn their four points in six after losing two in a row.

In Nakivubo, JMC Hippos will reunite with former captain  Ambrose Kirya as they take on SC Villa.  It will remain to be seen if coach James Odoch will appear in the sidelines for JMC Hippos after missing last game with rumors that he had thrown in the towel due to financial reasons.

Tuesday 15 th December.
Soana FC Vs The Saints FC

BUL FC Vs KCCA FC – Kakindu Stadium

SC Villa Vs JMC Hippos FC – Nakivubo Stadium

Express FC Vs Simba FC – Wankulukuku Stadium.

Sadolin Paints FC Vs Vipers SC – Buteme Stadium

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