Auditor General’s Office Calls for Stakeholder Engagement in Fight against Corruption

Maxwell Ongetho the head of Corporate Services and Stakeholders Engagement in the office of the Auditor General has called upon all Ugandans and Civil Society Organizations in the country to partner with his office to ensure that recommendations in audit reports don’t end on paper but are also implemented.

Addressing various partners on accountability related issues, Ongetho revealed that the lack of proper follow up on their annual reports has led to slow implementation of their recommendations.

“Using their well established countrywide network, Civil Society Organisations can properly help in implementation of recommendations in our annual reports. If they are not implemented, it will be like preparing nice food and it’s not eaten by anybody,” Ongetho said.

He pointed out that currently, due to a number of challenges, they are not able to distribute their reports country wide yet it’s important for all citizens to have access to the reports.

“If we can get information from remote areas about service delivery concerns and it’s clearly processed, it will be a very great achievement,” he said.

He further assured Ugandans that they are working on a mobile application through which the people will be able to have a timely interaction with the Auditor General’s office.

Gerald Gwaira, Manager for Advocacy and Capacity Building at Inspectorate of Government (IG) pointed out that the main challenge they have faced is that some of their work has come at standstill since the position of Inspector General of Government (IGG) is still vacant.

“We had an IGG who served for eight years but her term ended in July this year and we are still waiting for the President to appoint another person in this office. We cannot initiate new charges or institute any new investigation apart from proceeding with those which we already have in the system,” Gwaira said.


He asked all organizations involved in production of the accountability report to always report people’s concerns so that they act on them swiftly.

“The reports should be made in a format that each Agency can ably identify people’s complaints against them for a quicker intervention,” he added.

Ejoyi Xavier, the Executive Director for Action Aid, asked all Ugandans to embrace team work if corruption is to be eliminated, “but unfortunately many take it as an individual initiative.”

He advised government agencies and law enforcement teams to ensure that they get refresher courses so that they can curb the changing trends in corruption and other crimes.


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