AUDIO: Maurice Kirya Releases Spectacular ‘Anything You Like’

Musician Maurice Kirya has released a love song dubbed ‘Anything You Like’, in which he expresses his “internal” and “external” affection to a lady he is supposedly falling deeply in love with.

The audio of the song has a mixture of both cultural and new age vibes, and that is spiced up with an electronic feel on its second verse.

The singer, speaking about the jam in interview, said he intends to “merge old time music with the new time music,” so as “create a unique sound of music that has not yet been done locally.”

Anything You Like was produced by Maurice Kirya himself.

It is part of his forthcoming album (Free Dreams) that will be unveiled on October 27.

Fans have already hit his You Tube page to react on the song.

Rashidah Sseguya, in the comment section, wrote: “Nice song wawo I have liked it so much.”

For his part, Roberts Destiny said: “Big up to you Maurice Kirya . This one is better than the other one.”




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