Attacking Old Politicians is Misguided – Besigye

Former FDC Presidential Candidate Col Dr Kizza has cautioned about elements within the Ugandan opposition, who are “causing confusion” by projecting the ongoing struggle as one between the youths and the old people in leadership.

Dr Besigye warned yesterday that the regime change struggle he has been involved in for over 2 decades has nothing to do with age, adding that even young people have a tendency to abuse power when the get it.

“Some people have been bringing confusion in our struggle; the say the struggle is about the youth removing the old people from power,” Besigye said.

“That is misguided because even the young people can gain power and keep us all in prison. President Kabila (of DRC) became president at 29, but the youths the have not been well off.”

Dr Besigye was last night speaking at the campaign launch of Mr Ajuna Daja, who is the FDC flag Bearer for Fort Portal City MP seat.

At the event in Fort Portal, Besigye who is 64 years old, reminded the opposition that their fight should not be focused on removing the aged leaders.

“This therefore is not a generational struggle. It is all about getting those who are in prison out. It is a struggle for liberation,” he said.

“And while in the future, the youths might end up taking over the country’s leadership, Besigye said the focus now should be on deposing the current regime.


“Of course once every Ugandan is free, it means that the young people, their voice will be dominant because they’re the majority, but first of all it is the freedom we have to fight for.”



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