Assessors Set to Decide on Kamoga’s Fate

International Crimes Division Court (ICD) today set the 11th July next week for the Court Assessors to give their opinion in the case where former Tabliq leader Sheikh Yunus Kamoga and 13 others are accused of murder, attempted murder and terrorism.

 The Assessors are lay people called to listen to the case from start to end and decide on acquittal or conviction.

Their verdict may or may not be followed by the judge(s) when making the final determination.

Today, the 3 the judges in charge of this case took the 3 Assessors through the summary of evidence of more than 30 prosecution witnesses.

“The accused persons opted for silence as their defence which is their constitutional right, so you should carefully analyse the evidence to find out whether the charges against them are proved,” advised Justice Muhanguzi.

He also reminded them that the burden to prove all the ingredients of the offence lies with the prosecution, whereas the accused have no burden to prove their innocence.

Justice Percy Tuhaise advised the Assessors to look into various circumstances like the fact that Sheikh Hassan Kirya was murdered when all accused persons were in jail, and that the murder happened at night with no light to identify the suspects.

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