Assessors Ask Court to Acquit Kananura

Two Court Assessors in the case where Rally Driver Desh Kananura is facing murder charges have asked High Court Judge Justice Joseph Murangira to acquit him together three of his four co-accused persons.

The two assessors Robert Kabuleeta and Rehema Babirye told court today that Prosecution failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the suspects murdered Mr Badru Kateregga.

They for instance cited contradictions in the state witnesses’ testimonies where some said the deceased was beaten behind Bar One at Panamera, website like this while others said it was behind Bar 2.

The assessors also pointed out the evidence that suspects Desh Kananura and his brother Raymond Kananura made efforts to rush beaten Kateregga to Hospital and did not participate in his beating.

For the suspects Samuel Nzoreba and Cyrus Maganda, what is ed the Assessors noted that prosecution failed to place them on the murder scene as the only witness who could, clinic was never brought in court.

For these reasons the Assessors asked the judge to acquit four of the five accused persons. They however called for conviction of the 5th suspect Jacob Onyango because of the negligence he exhibited when he failed to rescue the deceased despite seeing the assailants running away from the scene.

“Onyango in his defense said that the deceased died in his presence, he saw the killers Robert and Charles running away but he didn’t report the matter to Police and he decided to stay at the scene until he was arrested.”

The judge assured the Assessors that he is going to consider their opinion as well as the submissions of both the state and defence in his Judgment


Justice Murangira set 25th April 2017 at 2pm to deliver the judgment in this matter which has been in court for almost 5 years.

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