Assessor to Advise Court in Singer Radio Murder Case

High Court Criminal Division judge Jane Frances Abodo has set Monday next week as the date at which the two Assessors will advise court on whether to convict or acquit Godfrey Wamala aka Troy who is accused of murdering prominent musician Mowzey Radio

On Wednesday while summarizing the facts for the two Assessors in this matter, the judge asked them to put into consideration a number factors before coming up with their decision

Among the key areas they must consider, the judge said, is the conduct of the accused before and after the incident, and whether or not there was malice aforethought among others

The judge after hearing all the nine Prosecution witnesses pinning Troy, ruled that Wamala had a case to answer and thus asked him to defend himself.

The Assessors are lay people without legal background, who are appointed by court to follow the case from the beginning to the end until its conclusion before coming up with their unbinding opinion

They advise court to either acquit or convict the suspect(s) depending on his or her evaluation of the evidence presented in court.



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