Assess Candidates’ Capabilities to Serve You Before Voting them In – Mao Tells Gulu Locals

DP presidential candidate, Norbert Mao, has said that his participation in the presidential race is not aimed at securing an office as President of Uganda but serving and giving the people hope in the fight for change.

Mao made these remarks at a press conference held in Gulu on Tuesday where he addressed his supporters in the final campaign meeting.

“My fight is not about office. Those of you who are obsessed with questions like will Mao become president, I don’t need an office. I only need the office because if I am there, there are some things I can do better than I can now,” Mao said.

He revealed that the Democratic Party (DP) is part of the race because they have a cause, and they would not choose to be spectators but rather be fully involved in the campaigns and the “struggle to liberate the country.”

“We are in this fight because we have a cause. What we are doing is to give Ugandans hope. If you have a wound on your leg and you have a swum of flies there, you don’t abandon your wound to the flies. You chase them persistently,” he said.

Mao asked the people of Gulu and the surrounding areas to evaluate his accomplishments and vote him in basing on his capability to represent them and address their grievances.

“The people of Acholi know my contribution and it’s up to them to decide. I will always insist that I am heavily indebted to the people of Acholi land, I owe them a lot and they don’t owe me anything. I expect that they will scrutinise my struggles and realise that the only way for them to send a message that they are unhappy, is voting me,” he noted.

However, Mao said that if the people don’t trust him enough to vote for him, he will respect their decision and focus on other areas in which he can serve Ugandans.


“You won’t hear me complaining even if I am the last. Don’t expect me to cheapen myself to that level. This is not the last election and some of us have a huge opportunity cost we are putting to be in this struggle. Given the gifts God has given me, my networks and my qualifications, I am only here because I believe that am equipped to fight for Ugandans,” he said.

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