Assaulted Policewoman Wants Shs 200M from Gen Kyaligonza

Sergeant Esther Namaganda a traffic police officer who is alleged to have been assaulted by the Ugandan Ambassador to Burundi Rtd Major General Matayo Kyaligonza with his bodyguards, has dragged the Ambassador to court seeking compensation of up to 200 million shillings.

In a civil application filed at High Court through her lawyers of Thomas and Michael Advocates, Namaganda told court that while on duty February 24th, together with PC Nkibito Solomon and PC Ariku William, a car belonging to Burundi came from Kampala approached and tried to make a u turn going back to Kampala which is against the law.”

She contends that in the process of stopping the vehicle she was assaulted by the General and his aides.

The defendants’ acts of assault and insults, she says, caused her public embarrassment and ridicule as it happened in broad day light in Seeta Mukono on a busy Kampala Jinja Highway.

She adds that the defendant failed to exercise due care and decency as expected from him.

She therefore asks court to order the Ambassador to compensate her with 200 million shillings in general damages resulting from psychological trauma, inconveniences and embarrassment caused as result of this assault.

This comes at a time when the Mukono chief magistrate Juliet Hatanga weeks back issued a warrant of arrest against Gen Kyaligonza following his failure on various occasions to attend court to answer these charges of assault.


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