Arua: Mao Promises to Scrap Taxes On Bodaboda Importation

The Democratic Party (DP) presidential candidate Nobert Mao spent the whole of Thursday campaigning in Arua district, West Nile.

While in Arua City, Mao promised to scrap taxes on bodabodas in order to expand the business.

“I know this is a border area and many of you do trading. We want to reduce taxes so that you can make more profits. I see some of you are bodaboda riders. I believe you don’t own most of the bodabodas; you have the bosses. We are going to remove taxes on bodabodas so that you can own your bodaboda and make more money,” he said.

“We want people to own houses and stop being tenants. For that reason, we are going to remove taxes on cement. That is the only way Ugandans can own strong houses.”

Meanwhile, Mao accused the incumbent President Yoweri Museveni of crippling State Institutions over “refusal” to peacefully hand over power to the next leader.

“Museveni has destroyed the country and its democratic institutions. Libya had the best roads but failed to manage change. Now Libya is a mess. Sudan is now a mess, they failed to manage change. We are talking what matters the most. That is why we say we must reclaim our future which has been stolen by Museveni.”

This election, Mao said is not about service delivery but rather change of Government without shedding blood, something that Uganda has never witnessed since 1962 when it gained independence from Britain.

“This election is not about the usual issues. It is not about roads and electricity. It is not about schools and hospitals. It is even not about water. It is about change of Government without bloodshed. That is one thing Ugandans have never seen,” he said.


Giving examples of DRC and Burundi which recently had peaceful transition of power, Mao said it is Uganda’s turn to do the same without bloodshed, adding that all Ugandans are yearn for change.

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