Artists to Compete as EAC Redesigns Symbols and Emblems

The East African Community has on Tuesday launched a campaign to redesign its symbols and emblems to align them with the current development in the integration.

The campaign targets youth between ages 18-35 years and is part of the EAC brand Architecture strategy, click which proposes several initiatives that include re-designing a new EAC logo and flag which will develop a common unique identifier to all organs and institutions of the community.

The campaign will run from 1st June 2017 to 31st August 2017 and it’s exclusively open to the youth of the EA Community including those in the diaspora.

According to Ugandan’s Julius Wandera Maganda the Minister of State for EAC Affairs, page the EA Community has put up a prize of US$25, see 000 for the winners in the designing competition.

“The first runners up will take US$ 5,000 and the second runners up will take US$ 2,500”.

Speaking to the Media at the Uganda Media Center Hon Maganda added that EAC does not have a clearly designed brand architecture for its organs and institutes which has created a gap that has led to the inconsistent design of new logos for EAC.

Currently, the Logo features a map of Lake Victoria with partner states Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. This is surrounded by an industrial wheel with a leaf arch on either side with the letter EAC at the top.

At the bottom of the ambled is a pictogram of a hand shake. Below there is a word written in Swahili “Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki” which means East African Community.

“The current flag and logo are not designed to be adaptive to the expansion of the community both in terms of geographical location and color scheme”.

The competitor’s deliverables shall include;

The EAC emblem

Ten logos for the EAC organs and institutes

EAC corporate colors

Unique identifier that will be adopted in the emblem and logos

Justification for all proposals submitted

Brief graphic demonstration of the application of the emblem and logos in off line and digital forms.

EAC partner states and design experts will judge the concepts submitted.

The designers of the shortlisted concept will be invited to make a formal presentations to the review panel.

“All art works must be original and all rights shall be finally vest to the EAC Secretariat upon reception of the reward”.


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