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Arrests in Rwanda Armed Group Investigation

At least seven people have been arrested in Rwanda for reportedly participating in subversive activities, Chimp Corps report.

The names of military groups operating in the region remain unclear but Rwanda police’s move implies the country’s security could be threatened.

“Rwanda National Police (RNP) is holding seven individuals linked to armed groups operating in a neighbouring country,” the law enforcement body said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Three of the suspects are young recruits who were intercepted en route to military training outside Rwanda,” police added.

“The recruitment has been going on for some time, with the Police investigating the network.”

Armed gangs have previously attacked Rwanda through the border to Burundi and DRC.

The FDLR militia, whose leaders are accused of participating in the 1994 genocide, continue to operate in DRC, according to United Nations.

It’s also alleged the Imbonerakure, an armed militia loyal to the ruling political party in Burundi, has ties with FDLR.


Rwanda police said the suspects “revealed details which triggered a search that led to the arrest of four suspected recruiters in the Western Province and Kigali City.”

Material evidence, details of which the police said will be revealed by prosecution in court, was also recovered from the search.

The suspects being held are: Boniface Twagirimana, Fabien Twagirayezu, Gratien Nsabiyaremye, Leonille Gasengayire,
Norbert Ufitamahoro, Jambier Twagirayezu Janvier and Papias Nshimiye.

Police said the seven suspects have been informed of their rights to legal representation under the law.

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