Arrested Socialite Don Nasser’s Lifestyle, Riches Unveiled

Last evening pictures of city money bags Don Nasser alias Nduhukire Isaac’s arrest went viral on social media.

Nasser was reportedly nabbed by police officers hiding in a ceiling after being tipped off by an informant.

In September, the pencil thin loaded dude made headlines when he imported a brand new 2017 Limited Edition Rolls Royce Wraith worth Shs1.1bn.

Don Nasser after being pulled out of the ceiling

Prior to his arrest Nasser was staying at Speke Apartments.

Before coming to Kampala, he was based in Dubai where he claims to run his own company Shine Properties that apparently deals in real estate in Uganda and the United Arab Emirates state.

Ever since he emerged on the social scene, Nasser has been one of the most talked about people with the focal point being his source of money considering how flashy his lifestyle is.

Don Nasser’s Rolls Royce

He is known for splashing money on close pals and is girlfriend Mastulah Nassali Mutaasa, daughter to tycoon Mutaasa Kafeero.

The pair has been going on weekly trips abroad just to shop for shoes and undergarments to wear on a date.

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That is how much money Nasser had at his disposal before he was nabbed.

Nasser’s 4Matic convertible

Don Nasser’s Posh Cars

The blue Rolls Royce was the latest addition to his collection of posh rides.

Nasser, who has a penchant for post automobiles, also owns has a Range Rover Vogue, Range Rover Sport, ML 4matic, BMW X6, FJ Cruiser, 4matic Convertible and GLE 63 Couple among others most of which are ‘NASSER’ personalized.

Some of Nasser’s other rides at his home

He is the only one in East Africa to own that model of Rolls Royce.

Automobile experts have valued his fleet of rides at about Shs.1.8bn.

Who is Don Nasser?

Where as many believe Nasser is a Muganda because he has for a long while used Basajjabalaba as his surname, his real name is Nasser Nduhukire and he hails from Sheema district in Western Uganda.

Like many of Uganda’s mystery tycoons, he appeared from nowhere and took over the social scene with his swanky rides and splashing cash.

Some of Nasser’s other posh rides with the new addition

Little is known about him and his past but he is believed to hail from Bushenyi.

His education background is just very sketchy although he brags to friends that he is a civil engineer by profession.

When not in Speke Apartments, Nasser lives in Kiira in a plush mansion estimated to be worth Shs1.2Bn.

He is also the famous chap with a road named after him in the Municipality known as ‘Nasser Lane’.

Nasser with girlfriend Masitulah Nassali Mutaasa.

Reports indicate that after Nasser turning Mastullah into his financial manager at Shine Properties, a company he owns, the two lovers are now business partners.

He also spends rather abnormally every time he is out.

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