Army Warns Farmers on Abuse of Seeds


Mbarara district Operation Wealth Creation coordinator Maj. Sam Murari has asked farmers to avoid selling the seeds distributed to them by government.

He said Mbarara farmers have enough gardens for the planting of the seeds especially during this rainy season to boost the agricultural sector in the district.

“We have been running up and down giving farmers a warning not to sell these seeds but to use them productively. So no one is permitted to use them to either sell or use them for food consumption since we have information that some do receive them and wash the chemicals spread on them and cook for survival; but this time around if you’re caught we shall arrest you., order dosage ” he cautoned.

Murari made the remarks on Wednesday at Mbarara district offices while receiving 45 tonnes of maize to be distributed amongst farmers under the government programme of wealth creation.

He said the seeds are meant to fight poverty in this country.

“We had earlier fought guerrilla warfare for the peace of this country; so it’s now time to fight an economic war for all in Uganda, viagra dosage ” he noted.

The comments come against the backdrop of reports that seeds meant for planting to boost the agricultural sector are being misused.



Sam said government would continue supporting farmers and providing other inputs to advance the economy.

“Many people had earlier asked different inputs but because demand is very high, viagra approved we have started with maize and in a few weeks time we shall provide fish, bean seeds and cassava as well.”

Sam further advised the beneficiaries to take advantage of the government programmes in the district.

He warned against false reports that the army is distributing fake seeds.

CAO Mbarara District Chief Administrative Officer, Cuthbert Felix Ethoko said the quality of seeds has been proven good by the Ministry of Agriculture.

“These are high quality seeds for farmers to plant as the government tries hard to deal with the worsening poverty in the country.”

He said the bags of maize are branded with a certificate of germination from MAAIF.

“If any wealth creation officer distributes unbranded seeds with no certificate of germination to any farmer, be in position to reject the seeds and go ahead to report him/her so that we can arrest such an individual,” the CAO charged.

He said the seeds will be distributed to the farmers of Kashari, Rwampara and Mbarara municipality.

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