Army Court Charges Soldier Who Killed 3 People in Gulu

Lance Corporal Godfrey Okello Oneka, the UPDF Soldier who allegedly shot and killed three People in Gulu has been charged by the 4th Division Army Court Martial.

The suspect was charged with three counts of Murder that he allegedly committed on the 10th February 2020 from Vangard Sub-ward, Pece division in Gulu Municipality.

The charges were read to the suspect by the Court Martial Chair, Col Nambafu.

Prosecution alleges that on that day, the suspect with aforementioned thought shot and killed Beatrice Ajok, Norman Owen, and Dan Joachim Binyang contrary to Section 188/89 of the Penal Code Act of Uganda

The Suspect pleaded not guilty for the three charges; prompting the Prosecution to bring their 1st Prosecution witness to testify against the UPDF Soldier.

Past Shootings:

In 2018, Lance Corporal Godfrey Ondaga shot and killed three people at a Local bar in Kabedo-Opong in Gulu town.

He was later sentenced to 40 years in Prison for murder.


In 2015, Lance Corporal Kennedy Okumu, who was attached to the 29th Battalion, shot and killed a bar maid over 1,000 shillings; he was later sentenced by the 4th division Court Martial to 45 years in Prison.

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