Archbishop Kazimba Roots for Peace Ahead of 2021 Elections

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Rt Rev Stephen Kazimba Mugalu has asked Christians and all Ugandans to desist from engaging in violence during the ongoing campaigns and forthcoming elections.

Delivering his Christmas message on Thursday, Kazimba called on every individual to think ahead and consider the obvious fact that there is life after elections and whatever is done now, can potentially affect how the near future is going to be.

“I call upon all those contesting on various leadership positions to maintain peace after the elections however much they may not agree with the outcomes. I advise them to use proper legal means in place to challenge the elections other than destabilizing the country,” Kazimba said.

He asked the politicians who are currently in campaigns to abide by the Electoral Commission’s guidelines as well as Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures so that they save Ugandans from contracting the virus as a result of their reckless actions.

“If possible, politicians should also adopt the use of scientific means like we in the church to prevent the spread of covid-19,” he suggested.

Kazimba asked people to consider their families and lives first before engaging in violence, and not look at politicians as “saviours” but rather “acknowledge God as the only granted savior to human kind.”

The Archbishop further advised Christians to embrace modern technology in ministering and preaching the word of God especially as the festive season approaches.

“Every year as we prepare for Christmas celebrations as church, we always hold numerous activities like Christmas Carols which attract large numbers of people. I call upon all churches to adopt the use of scientific means like Zoom where people can participate via internet without putting each other at risk of contracting Covid- 19,” he said.


Kazimba said that the few people who will be allowed in church physically will have to adhere to Ministry of Health SOPs without any excuse.

Kazimba also revealed that they registered a number of Covid-19 positive cases among the clergy but good enough all those who were reported to him have already recovered.

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