Apass Debuts Shs6m Haircut

Apass is back at it! The singer has got his followers talking after he debuted his latest look.
The “Guliwano” hitmaker set social media on fire on Thursday when he posted pictures of his new haircut, colored black and white and asked his fans to give their thoughts about it.

Apass then set more tongues wagging after revealing that the haircut cost him a whopping Shs6m.
“How do I look guys??? And please don’t be a hater. Money has been spent again, this time I spent 6 million on this hair style…” Apass
Some fans were impressed with the look, with one commenting, @esytowns
“You look nice, I like the hair color, it fits your income style (music) life style”

Hair stylist Hair by Ziwa with Apass after the hair cut

Others were not amused and went on to compare him to American singer Sia Furler who spots a signature black and white hairstyle.
“@iam_tcavionhahaha zebra crossing. I also hear mbu he is the male sia. Haaaa”

However, some fans questioned how he can afford to spend such an
amount on a haircut yet he could put it to charity by donating to the victims of the Bududa mudslides.
“@mac.trueman That six million would have gone down there “BUDUDA”,
and at least console some families”.

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