APass Attacks NRM Members of Parliament

Singer Alex Bagonza aka Apass has lashed out at National Resistance Movement (NRM) Members of Parliament who are advocating for the lifting of the Presidential Age Limit.

Recently the singer reacted furiously about Uganda’s political leadership affairs to the extent of recording a yet to be revealed song, in which he reportedly sent a stern message to political leaders.

He also took to his Facebook Timeline and posted thus;

“Message To some of our politrickers who take pride in laughing at our pain, it won’t be forever.”

He also added that; “Honestly, I don’t like Museveni’s way of doing things and most of his zombie NRM members but I would love us to find remedy not fault in what has been done and what may be done, anyone can complain and complaining is the best Ugandans can do, this has to change.

He continued that; “Never confuse movement with action.”

He also wrote; “There is not much we can do because most of what we do is complain, to be honest Time and patience will be our strongest weapon in such moments.  Most people say they want change and they want to change Uganda I think you should begin by changing yourself.”

Apass later conclude thus; “Be loyal to your country Uganda, and be loyal to the government if it deserve it. Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”


It should however be noted that the views expressed here are those of Alex Bagonza aka Apass and not those of Chimplyf Website,  its Management or Workers.


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