Anti Gay Law Aint Right – Chameleone

The mad debate was almost dead and buried for the last several months,  but Ugandan top artists Jose Chameleone seems hell bent to hoist it again.

Chameleone this week made it clear that he was not in support of the Anti gay law even if it was to be re-tabled.

The Leone Island boss told a Kenyan entertainment news house that the law was somehow uncalled for.

A liberal mind that he is, Dr Chameleon said he found no problem with a same sex couple indulging in a sexual affair.

“If Tom wants to love Jack and they know they’ll love each other properly, let them go ahead. Same thing when Lydia wants to love Purity. They may be happy that way, and life is about happiness,” he told Ghafla! in Nairobi.

But mindful of the sensitivity of the matter back home, Dr Chameleon rushed to clarify that his opinions had nothing to do with the will of government leaders.

“It’s true I don’t support the Anti Gay law, but that’s not for me to determine. I got my beautiful wife and children. I guess that’s why we have leaders. I can only sit back and wait to be led.”

For the better part of last year, Uganda had its fair share of chaos as parliament debated the controversial Anti Homosexuality Bill and successfully got it signed by President Yoweri Museveni in February.

They events that followed the passing of the law threatened the very image of the country especially in the face of the liberal western world. There was scathing condemnations and even aid cuts to the country.

Back home however, the nationals chorused praises to the great decision. President Museveni sat back and enjoyed prevalent reprises even from some of his worst enemies in the opposition.

But that was only moments before Court quashed the legalisation and now it awaits fresh parliamentary debate, and that is the calm that has prevailed.

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