‘Anti-Cyber Bullying Activist’ Sheila Gashumba in Snapchat War with Bad Black

When the war of keyboards begins on Snapchat with either Sheila or Bad Black, it never ends. Although many people believe that Sheila and socialite Bad Black are friends, it looks like their friendship has never been stable.

Today morning, fans of the two social media queens were surprised to find them in a heated exchange on Snapchat.

Sheila has been doing advertising on Snapchat for small business since the beginning of the month at a price of USD 55. All was well until she realized that many people with a good following have also started to use their Snapchat to earn some money at lower charges than hers.

According to Sheila, people are now “copying my style of advertising” and she questions if everyone is now an influencer, something that didn’t sit well with Snapchat ‘usual suspect’ Bad Black.

Bad Black disagreed with Sheila and argued that this style of advertising wasn’t copyrighted so Sheila has no right to question why other people are doing it. She went on to say that Sheila is broke and homeless, the reason she is looking for money in all sorts of advertising.

“Now, I am going to say this one more time, if anyone has ever fed you, helped you with money, taken care of a hospital bill for you, bought you alcohol, never call them broke,” Sheila retaliated.

Bad Black didn’t take it lightly and as expected, name calling was next on the menu. She referred to Sheila as a Marabou stock among other things. Black then asked Sheila to provide proof of the money she claims to have given her.

“You have nothing, stop acting. Dating rich men doesn’t make you rich,” Bad Black said.


Bad Black recently backed Sheila on her social media campaign against cyber bullying but it seems the impact doesn’t count anymore for Black.

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