Anti- Age Limit Removal: NRM MPs Want Minister Anite Suspended

NRM legislators led by Kumi Woman Member of Parliament, Monica Amoding reiterated on Friday that they will not be threatened by State Minister of Investment, Evelyn Anite who claimed yesterday that the UPDF is behind the advocates of the removal of Age Limit from the constitution.

Anite is being accused of making reckless statements while addressing press on Thursday that her team won’t allow to be intimidated by legislators and members of the public who are against the removal of age limit, since they have the backing of the army.

Angry legislators from the NRM today asked party chairman President Yoweri Museveni to have the Minister suspended for making these statements or else they move and collect signatures to have her censured by MPs.

“We are the majority in this cause and we are on the right side of history; this a very critical moment we are in and we want to make our positions clear in order to guide our colleagues in NRM and the general public,” said Amoding.

Amoding said that bringing the army in this discussion was very reckless from the Minister since this is a civil debate and not a war.

“The army is an institution meant to protect the citizens of Uganda and more so to defend the constitution and not to abrogate it; this is not proper and not called for. We challenge the army to speak out on this matter because if it is not done, it will send a wrong signal to the public.”

Dokolo South MP, Felix Okot Ogong termed Anite’s statements as unconstitutional.

 “The Constitution is very clear in Chapter 12 Article 208, that the UPDF shall be non-partisan, national in character, professional, disciplined and subordinate to civilian authority; the Ministers’ statements should be condemned and withdrawn immediately,” Okot said.

“We are not scared at all because the army is subordinate to the civilian authority, we have the army of the people of Uganda fully behind us and we are ready for anything.”

Lwemiya County MP, Theodore Ssekikubo said; “This is committing of treason because a member of cabinet is attempting to incite and instigate the army to take over a constitutional order. As we speak now, Anite and the group ought to be behind bars in Luzira on accounts of treason.”

Yesterday evening, the UPDF also distanced itself from the Minister’s statements, stressing that the army is fully represented in Parliament and is able to speak on its behalf.

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