Anti-Age Limit Removal Bishop ‘Rewarded’ with Posh Car

The outspoken Kinkizi diocese Bishop Rt. Rev. Dan Zoreka was on Christmas day given a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser for, according to people from the diocese — his “controversial” views against amendment of the Age Limit.

The car tagged”The people’s car” was bought Shs270m in a fundraising drive led by led former presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi.

It was delivered by people from Kinkizi who work from Kampala at St Peters Cathedral Nyakatare in Kanungu town council.

The group was led by Kinkizi West MP James Kaberuka.

A message by Mbabazi delivered by Kaberuka indicated hailed the bishop for overseeing the strides the diocese has made in social-economic transformation.

Dan Zoreka is renowned for his stance against the passing of the Age Limit Bill which was passed by parliament last week.

Zoreka is also remembered during the last presidential elections for using the pulpit to campaign for former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi for president who was later defeated by president Museveni during presidential polls held on February 18 last year.


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