Anti-Age Limit Bill MPs Won’t Return to Kibuli

Members of Parliament opposed to the constitutional amendment bill to remove presidential age limit have resolved not to honor police summons to respond to alleged inciting comments that they made.

The MPs while addressing press at parliament on Monday said they had been advised by their lawyers not to go back to police again.

They say the police are only wasting their time and trying to distract them from focusing on the age limit debate at parliament.

The MPs who include Hon Theodore Sekikubo, Alan Sewanyana, and Muhammad Nsereko among others were last week summoned by police to appear at the CIID offices in Kibuli, which they did.

Police says however, that they need to keep returning for further questioning.

Hon Sewanyana said this morning that the officers at Kibuli called him and warned him that if he didn’t return, he would not be allowed to attend parliament on Tuesday.

“I would like to warn them,” said the MP; “If you don’t allow me into parliament, you will have to let the Makindye voters into parliament, the 20,000 of them to represent themselves directly.”

At the press conference, Hon Merdard Lubega Segona also said the anti-age limit bill coalition would work together to defend their colleagues being targeted by police.

“If you arrest just a single member of our coalition, there will be no business in parliament. An attack on one is an attack on all of us,” he said.

“If they (police) want to succeed in doing this, they should also arrest Hon (Ibrahim) Abiriga and (Evelyn) Anite.”

Kaddondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) also vowed not to return to Entebbe Police where he was charged with inciting violence during the weekend.

The Entebbe Police arrested the legislator on his return from the US, accusing him of issuing a video that incited the public.

The MP says he was not inciting violence but calling upon people to hold their MPs accountable.

“I will repeat it here; you elected us to represent you, but you cannot leave this issue to us alone. You must hold your MPs accountable; reach them and ask them where they stand on this matter,” he said.

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