Another Mbonye Controversy: God is Everywhere but Doesn’t Meet with People Everywhere

We are leaving in a world where religious controversies never cease to happen, as seen and heard from several sermons from different servants of God in different churches.

Similarly, social media has been awash with such news and the latest is from Prophet Elvis Mbonye who recently preached to his flock that God does not meet people everywhere, although the Lord’s presence exists everywhere.

Mbonye, while preaching, asked his flock whether they would want to know how to encounter God in their day to day search for his presence.

“Do you want to know how to encounter God? The strange thing is, God is everywhere and when you are trying to talk about the manifestation of God, that’s the first thing they will tell you. For instance, if you tell them; come to Zoe Grounds where God is in manifestation, they say God is everywhere, God is everywhere, well yes, it’s true that God is everywhere but he does not meet with people everywhere.”

Mbonye added, “there is a place, an atmosphere that has got to be conducive for him to meet with you and trust me not all places.”

That incited mixed reactions from social media users with many disagreeing with him while others are singing and dancing to his tune.

A one William Marran tweeted saying, “not true brother, God is everywhere and makes himself known to whoever calls on the name of the Lord. Whoever believes in him will be saved.”

Marran also went on informing Mbonye that, “wherever two or three are gathered in the God’s name, he will definitely be in their midst.”

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